We are very proud to introduce the newest addition to our VITAVIVA family. Our new ambassador is Nina Campioni from Sweden. Nina Campioni writes an inspiring blog for Swedish Elle Magazine, hosts a radio show and podcast "Vattnet Går". A platform, which discusses the many problems and struggles with infertility and pregnancy in general. A true fashionista with a smiling personality and a story to tell, welcome to the VITAVIVA family!

W H O  A M   I ? 

I am a journalist, writer, show host and over all a classic media personality who appears here and there and all the time, haha. I love to write and love to be where the action is, so I guess that’s just what I do. Besides putting my passion where my work is, I am a mother to my beautiful girl Essie, wife to the perfect husband, daughter of simple, smart and kindhearted parents from the Swedish countryside. I also define myself as a good person, I think kindness is an underrated thing in our society and therefore I push myself to be the kindest and most open that I can be. 

M Y   E V E R Y D A Y   L I F E 

No day is the same. But I would say that it starts with making breakfast for my daugther. When my husband take her to daycare I usually try to get some exercise done, really need it to feel good. I run, do yoga or go to the gym. Then it’s email-time, always time consuming… and there on the days always differ. I can either record a podcast episode, attend a meeting for an upcoming production or event, meet up with people that I sometimes work together with to create new ideas and content, I could create new blogposts, I could have a photo session or I could sit and write on my upcoming novel all day long. Some days I do all of the above, running around the city trying not to be late. I love that my “normal” day is packed with different stuff. Around four in the afternoon I go and pick up Essie then we head to the park to play before we go home and unwind together the whole family. More often than I would like to confess we order thai or something else to eat and every time I say “tomorrow I will cook”, haha. 

W H A T  B E I N G   H E A L T H Y  M E A N S  T O  M E   

Being healthy equals being happy. And being happy equals being healthy. Everything is connected. If I feel happy I want to keep moving and I want to be strong. And If I keep moving, train and exercise, I want to eat healthy. And if I eat healthy and exercise, I feel strong and confident. And if I feel confident and strong, I feel beautiful. And if I feel beautiful, confident and strong - I feel happy. It’s very smart that way. Sometimes being happy and healthy also means eating pizza and having a beer. I believe that everything should be done moderatly.

I’ve always been a sporty girl. From the age of four I played football (soccer) and kept on until I was about 25 when I got an injured knee. I played in division one which is the second highest in Sweden so football was kind of my life. Since the injury I have been struggeling with finding some type of sport, training style that gave me the same happiness. Only downhill skiing and surfing does but sadly waves and slopes doesn’t come around everyday so I try to depend on yoga and running. It’s not fun, but it does the job for me. On being overall healthy I’ve grown up in a family where sugar was poisin (my dad has diabetes) and nature was all around so I would say that healthy eating is in my DNA and always has been. And since I grew up in the countryside with farmers and forrest, I’ve always had respect of the eco system and organic farming.

W H Y  I  T A K E  S U P P L E M E N T S 

I feel like I need some help to boost my energy some parts of the year, also since being introduced to VITAVIVA I realized I really need more vitamin D. Well basically I need all the vitamins and minerals, so I take supplements to help my body be as happy as it can be. I feel I get more energy with the right sets of supplements. 

W H Y   V I T A V I V A ? 

I think mostly because its all so natural and I think VITAVIVA as a brand is very trustworthy. I believe in the story and people behind the brand, It makes me trust the product and how it’s produced and why. I also think that the products itself is a bit more inspiring because of their names, which are catchy and fun and creates interest.

M Y  F A V O R I T E  V I T A V I V A  P R O D U C T S 

Every day I take my multivitamin VitamaxVitamin DOrganic Coconut Oil and sometimes I do a thorough detox with the 15 Day Cleanse that works EXTREMELY well (not to get into more details haha). I like that the products help me boost my immune system and keep me healthy, also they really boost my energy level.